Clerk to Misterton Parish Council:

The Clerk is available in the Parish Council Office, at the back of the Village Hall in Unity Lane, Misterton
on Tuesdays 10am-12noon and Thursdays 1-3pm.  

There is a post box beside the office door.

Tel: 07917 753361 or email: 


Iain Rowland

01460 78951

Rights of Way & path liaison officer

Brian McNeill

01460 77599

Village Hall rep
Geoffrey Restorick

 01460 78749

Vice Chairman/ Rights of Way

Robin Heyd-Smith

01460 76349  Roads

Mrs Carolyn Newbery

01460 78592 of Misterton Cemetery Chapel rep
 Vivienne Rowe 01460419494


Graham White

01460 76081 Rights of Way
Paul Gillard07939 214503


Mrs Abigail Rousell

 01460 76973