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What is the Safe Place Scheme?
The Safe Place Scheme currently operates across various parts of the UK including Sussex, Warwickshire, Devon and Cornwall.
Somerset County Council has been working with Avon and Somerset police, Compass Disability and Mencap Lufton College to set up and run the scheme in our area.

The scheme is shaped by the needs of the service-user and helps people with learning difficulties deal with any incident that takes place whilst they are out and about in the community. This could be anything from the person they are meeting failing to turn up to them being subject to harassment or bullying.~

The idea is simple - stickers like the one at the top of the page are issued to establishments who have signed up to the scheme and their staff will be able to assist anyone who goes to them for help.
Individual members of the scheme will carry an “I need help” card with the details of a trusted contact.
The scheme aims:
  • To make adults with learning difficulties to be safe and feel safe when they are out and about
  • Raise awareness of the significantly increased likelihood of being a victim of crime for adults with learning difficulties
  • To be led by the needs of service users of the scheme.
Where are the Safe Place Scheme Locations?
Please follow these links to see Safe Places ---Links Coming Soon---

How do I get a Safe Places Card?
If you would like to get a Safe Places card please contact Beth Poole (9593) or your local Neighbourhood Policing Team
I Need Help Card

How can my business become a Safe Place?
Local businesses or organisations that would like to apply to become a safe place can obtain a registration form from ASC website or they can speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team

Keeping Safe
Here is a link to our pages for people with learning disabilities about keeping safe out and about and at home.

Hate Crime
People with learning disabilities are more likely to be a victim of hate crime than the general population.
Mencap found that:
  • 73% of people with a learning disability have been bullied in a public place
  • 20% of people with a learning disability say they are attacked every week.
In an enquiry into disability-related harassment, the Equality and Human Rights Commission said:

"The harassment of disabled people is not confined to just a few extreme cases. The incidents which reach the courts and the media are just the most public examples of a profound social problem. It’s essential that people with learning disabilities and people who support them are encouraged to report any incidents or crimes as soon as they happen."

If you are worried about hate crime, or would like to talk to someone about it, Stop Hate UK has launched a 24 hour helpline, available every day of the year, to support you in your time of need. Please phone 08088 021155 and see how they can help you. See it, report it, sort it!

True Vision Logo On the True Vision website you can report hate crime incidents that have happened to you, or to someone you know.
Safety Net Logo The Safety Net website is about a project looking at ‘Mate Crime’.
This is when people pretend to be friends with people who have a learning disability but go on to exploit them.
They want to raise awareness about mate crime and disability hate crime - if you have had a bad experience they would like to hear about it.

There is also a guide called Keep Safe which tells you how to keep your house safe, how to keep safe on buses and trains and in other situations.

If you want to look back at older information please look at the Safe Places archive.


Local Crime

Vehicle crime including theft of and from motor vehicles continues to be a problem. As you will be aware, most of this crime is opportunist and occurs because valuables have been left on view or the vehicle left insecure.  I would ask that you help spread the message that removing money, valuables and coats from sight and locking your vehicles are an effective deterrent against this sort of crime.

Many councillors and members of the public have taken the opportunity to come out on patrol with my officers to get personal experience of the operational world of a police officer.  I would like to promote the fact that this opportunity is open to all on our "Ride Along Scheme".  If you or anyone you know wishes to take part there are details on our website or call 101 or by all means contact me directly at nikki.watson@avonandsomerset.police.uk 

Chief Superintendent Nikki Watson
District Commander - Somerset East